Startup Guide – for the founders with any backgroud

Specific Backgrounds: Technology(Software) | Marketing(Digital) | Sales | Finance | Operations | Support | Others(Govt Job, Etc)

Giving life to startup and baby somewhat similar.

  • Consistent efforts for long time(may be around 10-20 years).
  • Selfless efforts(Like a mother or father) for the growth of startup.
  • Co founder for sharing risks & responsibilities(like spouse)
  • Experienced and supporting Advisors(like parents & elders)

Meeting co founder at Coffee Day

  • How can I start ?
  • Is my startup idea will succeed ?
  • What about my career ?
  • Is starting with few co founders is good ?

Preparing the run way

  • Seed funding
  • Prototypes & Validation – 10% of funds for running a demo
  • prior experience with Companies, Consultants & Freelancers to make initial setup
  • Attending webinars

Starting from Zero

  • Administration – office, rent, salary
  • Neglected Marketing & Sales – building a complete product vs monetising it
  • Disproportionate distribution of resources/funds – Focussing on only area that founder knows well
  • Getting Founder Expertise for org bias
  • Not managing Accounting/Collecting payments on time

Actual Beginning – First Revenue

  • GST, Auditing, Gross Profit, Net Profit, PnL

Biggest First Launch

  • Target to make launch in a year gives a target to everyone in company to focus of building and making systems and process stable to serve higher demands

First Incident

  • may be 1 star review or major issue happened to customer

First Month with Profit

  • Wow moment

First Quarter with Profit

  • Reliability, Security
  • Monitor outstanding payables/receivables to check, profit is there in reports, but in reality
  • FAQ:
    • Is manpower growth proportional to company growth. Then how to scale?

First core team member exit

  • Growth of employee to core team member and the exit

Peak times

Building Next Generation



  • Yes, countdown start from day one.
  • Career plan for existing employees