2020 MEAN Stack Development Guide

nodejs API performance monitoring with ECS/Log

Use Metabase Alerts

2020 MEAN Stack Development Guide

code coverage for nodejs projects with codecov with mocha, nyc and Github Actions

Getting a badge

Go to<your-organisation>/<your-project>/settings/badge, here you can see your badges ready to be copied.

Or just navigate to your project and go to Settings -> Badge.

Adding it to your github

checkout Demo here –

Enabling Github Actions

Setting up the code

npm install codecov --save-dev

create a feature.spec.js

test with

# run test cases
node_modules/.bin/nyc --reporter=text-lcov node_modules/.bin/mocha --opts .mocharc feature.spec.js --exit"

# submit test coverage to codecov
node_modules/.bin/codecov --token=<codecov-token>

Checkout a simple workflow file here:

Trigger a build using changing some code in master branch

Checkout for first successful build

2020 MEAN Stack Development Guide

WebStorm for NodeJS/AngularJS Development

  1. Configuring Webstorm in Ubuntu | Mac | Windows


  1. npm scripts
  2. Terminal
  3. Version control & VCS Menu
  4. Mocha Test Runner

WebStorm Plugins

  1. gittools webstorm plugin
  2. eslint webstorm plugin




2020 MEAN Stack Development Guide

eslint 6.8.0 with typescript for server

npm i eslint-config-airbnb eslint-config-airbnb-base eslint-plugin-import eslint-plugin-promise eslint-plugin-typescript precommit-hook -D

Improve quality of your nodejs/angularjs code development with Airbnb eslint config

2020 MEAN Stack Development Guide

Typescript configs for WebStorm

  • import errors while running test cases
  • performance issues while development, using transpile-only
  • ts-node-dev – nodemon for typescript projects
  • transpiling typescript to javascript
  • compatiablity with existing module.exports using esModuleInterops

2020 MEAN Stack Development Guide

Github repo naming –

  • dns:

github username should be domainname

Best Practices

for example: if client domain is

then if u like to develop api for and it will be hosted with domain

then will be good to have

where walmart is your github organisation name or username

and create repo with name api

your first project may

2020 MEAN Stack Development Guide

Configuring git with ssh keys to avoid entering passwords

git config --global "Nikkitha Shanker"
git config --global "nikkitha[at]"
## hit enter 4 times
cat ~/.ssh/

## copy and add it
git clone

## now git will not ask any password or username

for ui driven git use webstorm >>

use precommit-hook for quality checks before git commit

# use --skip-verify option to bypass precommit hook