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2020 Yoast SEO with WordPress Guide

Simplify Author url with edit author plugin

2020 Yoast SEO with WordPress Guide

Yoast Breadcrumbs to Improve Search Appearance

2020 Yoast SEO with WordPress Guide

SEO Optimization with Yoast & WordPress

1. Writing Details in WordPress Category and Remove Category from URL and Heading

  • Install yoast seo plugin
  • Goto SEO -> Search Appearance -> Taxonomy
  • Remove category from URL and Save


2. Writing Content in Category page

  • Add one image for category
    • Keep image name relevant to seo keywords or article title
    • Write alt text, title, caption and description relevant to seo keywords

Make WhatsApp, FB, Twitter sharing friendly

  • In above image, if you like to see image in preview use same image width and height

For more seo optimization, follow yoast instructions

Nikkitha Shanker from Bangalore

//Author URI:

add_filter( 'the_content', 'add_ids_to_header_tags' );
function add_ids_to_header_tags( $content ) {

    $pattern = '#(?P<full_tag><(?P<tag_name>h\d)(?P<tag_extra>[^>]*)>(?P<tag_contents>[^<]*)</h\d>)#i';
    if ( preg_match_all( $pattern, $content, $matches, PREG_SET_ORDER ) ) {
        $find = array();
        $replace = array();
        foreach( $matches as $match ) {
            if ( strlen( $match['tag_extra'] ) && false !== stripos( $match['tag_extra'], 'id=' ) ) {
            $find[]    = $match['full_tag'];
            $id        = sanitize_title( $match['tag_contents'] );
            $id_attr   = sprintf( ' id="%s"', $id );
            $replace[] = sprintf( '<%1$s%2$s%3$s>%4$s</%1$s>', $match['tag_name'], $match['tag_extra'], $id_attr, $match['tag_contents']);
        $content = str_replace( $find, $replace, $content );
    return $content;