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Why ShoppRe Choose Bangalore Location

Fastest Delivery by Myntra and Flipkart is to bangalore

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Migrating from PM2/VM to Docker/CapRover


  • Github deployment with webhooks is available but build time is not allows graceful restart
  • Docker releases are faster, but developer has to build and release

Autoscaling – HA

  • Increased complexity of CapRover have its own load balancer


  • CapRover is good for one server having multiple projects
  • Might not be ideal for a service scales heavily Azure Autoscaling is good for core api with Azure API Gateway
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Kubernetes vs Caprover(CaptainDuckDuck)

  • Caprover is very simple
2020 ProdOps Guide Digital Marketing

ProdOps Quality Check

  • CPU Utilisation – Best Practices
  • RAM Utilisation – Best Practices
  • Disk: HDD | SSD
  • Storage: Ephemeral Storage | Root Disk | OS Disk | Data Disk
  • Backup: Cold Storage | Hot Storage
  • Storage: Block Storage | Object Storate
  • Autoscaling
  • Docker/Kubernetes
  • Replication
  • Snapshot Based Backups
  • Automated Backups with Restore and check
  • Manual DB Backups
  • Cross Region Replication for Disaster Recovery
  • Restore and Check
  • Chaos day
  • Check costs everyday

Other Cases

  • Delete all the resources associated with a VM while vm termination – Azure leave disks after vm deletion
  • Azure suggests by default – 8GB machine
    • Good to start with 512MB RAM
  • Azure Cost for 3GBRam-1core is double compared to 4GB-2core
  • Azure disks only resize topup – no reduction
  • 2020 – GPU machine N series not supports premium disks
  • Multi region buckets
  • Multi region backups


2020 DevOps Guide for Startups

RAID 0,1,2,3