2020 E-commerce Guide

SARAL 2020

Popular questions from the customers during Saral 2020 – this can be useful for marketing and building content I felt.

1How to launch own marketplace e commerce company and what’s the complete step by step guide?
2can we have multiple pick up pionts for marketplace and our own website
3for shopify director,

the platform should focus on Cash On Delivery Features. most of the features are missing and default Shopify apps relating to shopify are buggy such as Advanced Cash On Delivery App.
4Sir….How to launch own marketplace e commerce company and what’s the complete step by step guide?
5hello everyone
I am Mr Vakil from Gujarat. manufacturer of ready to use in cooking fried onions. As I m already selling on Amazon paytm and Flipkart on my own Kings brand . now I wank make my own ecommerce sites for selling and I want to increase my sales for grab this opportunity in this present situation. also interested to sell by whatsapp commerce . waht should I do.

we are manufacturers of women wear for around 36 years from Bangalore
supplier of most leading retailers and brands

we are looking to start B2C with the help of this meeting which will be great to decide further course of action

we assume Shopify, razorpay, shiprite would be the way to start
7I am a manufacturer of sanitizer. how can I reach consumers through e-commerce platforms.
what is the 1st step I need to take
8How important is it to add languages to your websites to enhance user growth and experience?
9sir i have launced my store on shopify , and have updated my facebook shop page on shopify , but my products are not showing on facebook shop ……..kindly advice
10Razorpay is good at services but bad as an individual as they required compulsory GST KYC
instead Paytm / Instamojo provides an opportunity to just grow up by taking experience
11Ques to Veda – How are payment gateways becoming more inclusive of all payment options specifically in relation to wallets and paylater options (like cashfree). We see paytm missing from Razorpay for a longtime now. Can payment gateways give us a risk score (just like credit score) when we decide to go cod for a customer (b2c)?
12Is it possible to have payment gateway without having an e-commerce website?
13VedaNarayan Sir _ Good to Know about that I have integrated your payment gateway at CS Cart and opencart so I will go on with testing…then onboard my clients
14Question for Sandeep : For beginners, what kind of store style works the best? Is there an identified pattern there?
15Hi All, My ecom sites. and, i want to integrate razorpay and logistics partner. please suggest. Thanks
16Dear All Experts,
Good morning All! My e-commerce site is and would like to integrate payment gateway and shipping gateway. Which will be better for me. Expected orders could be around 200 every month.
17Why does RazorPay charge 2% commissions for UPI payments, when it is a free service?
18Is their any association of vendors involved in Last Mile Delivery?
19If we want to have hyperlocal, ecommerce, digital menu, etc…all on one platform, we need to tie up with different third party. Is there any possibility of having only one partner providing all these functionalities?
20Is there any particular app in shopify to improve the Fulfillment operations
21How to list a buisness over e-com platform in which margins are very less 4-7% ??
Any strategy for that buisness to come up on E-com platform .
22we a customer engagement and Loyalty solution company from Hyderabad
can we partner with unicommerce to proivde oiur solution ?
23we are facing huge loss due to damage of products during shipment,specially liquids like juices, syrups. how can we ensure damage free delivery of liquids with reduced cost
24how to maintian the same price acorss multichannnels as each channels different commsiions , shipping charges etc customer being smart will compare the price of same product at dfferent channels
25Any 2 Factor service provider for order confirmation before shipping? We should charge buyer for RTO
26Do we have insurance service solutions for the transit damages for ecommerce shipments ?
27My question is for Mohammad Mubashshir, I am using unicommerce and daily having lots of transactions happening but can’t do reconcilation, can you tell me how unicommerce can help me do reconcilation and reduce my losses.
28Does Clickpost have pre-negotiated rates with providers, and intelligence data use across all orders (ours and overall of the service provider)
29how about products which are non returnable like food items or any intangible items how can we save on such losses
30How to ensure we are continuously reducing logistics costs, when we are already contracted with certain providers

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