Bootstrapping a Company 101

Startup Hiring & Homework to make sure Employee will enjoy

  • Indeed
  • Employee Referrals


  • Purpose of Hiring
    • Job Description
      • Reviewed by all those working around the employee
    • One person should take the final call and the same person should be reporting manager
      • Ideally this person should be Subject Expert
      • He will ensure the day to day work and career growth of candidate once joins.
      • If already subject experts are not available in the company, then take help of mentor from other company with same subject expertise
    • One person from Business side should take the final call
      • To ensure, from business side enough projects can be arranged and financially budget for the employee is available
      • Mostly speaks less directly, Involves at the time of promotions and announcements

in startup expecting everything well planned is not practical, but to walk towards a better structure and culture. It would be nice to have

  • A employee might be junior eagerly want the new person
  • Explaining what all the benefits fellow employees will get when new employee joins
  • So fellow employees will create a space to the new person coming into the team.

Do’s & Don’ts

  • Always hire through tough interviews
    • Yes you have to make it more and more tougher, It consumes lot of time
    • Take paid help from subject experts if you don’t have enough knowledge in the interview to ask challenging questions

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